Bridgestone Paver Tracks

The “Guide Lug” Rubber Compound

When you need replacement paver tracks, ICE Export delivers timely shipments and the best in the business. Now featuring these paver tracks from Bridgestone.

Guide Lug

Bridgestone called the rubber compound used for these industry standard paver tracks Guide Lug Rubber Compound because they stay on track, even in paving work that includes frequent turns.

Reinforced Roller Path

For Maximum track life and minimal roller path wear.

Main Carcass

The Main Carcass consists of multiple layers of steel cords, for the best in torsional and transverse strength during use.

Paver Tread Pattern

Incorporates a high tread to void ratio for a smooth ride and extended service life. The wide tread bar provides excellent weight distribution and low ground pressure, so as not to leave an imprint in new asphalt.

The tread design also has gripping edges for consistant traction on soft sub-base conditions.

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